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Check-in at the Harbour

Foster & Ince Cruise Services offer uniformed and hospitable staff to ensure that your guests are met and transferred smoothly to their destination.

Our partnerships with the harbour and airport provide the best team to you, whether it is going to the harbour to join your vessel, or to the airport for the flight home after a wonderful cruise.


Some of the services we can offer you:

  • Meet/greet, check-In, and dispatch services.
  • Baggage transfer to or from the airport under customs seal.
  • Special assistance vehicles, on request.
  • Security screening for guests and baggage, prior to embarking the vessel.
  • Direct transfer from chartered aircraft to harbour - special conditions apply *.
  • Pre-/Post cruise arrangements available.Bus on Ramp


Special arrangements can usually be made to transfer passengers directly from charter aircraft* to the gangway of the ship, without the usual formality of Immigration and Customs clearance at the arrival hall. It is a smooth and classy operation and often, passengers are on board ship 60 minutes after the charter flight lands!

* Please note that this arrangement does not apply to arrivals on scheduled airlines.



 Flights on the Ramp Dispatch from Harbour